How to achieve the perfect natural wedding day make-up

When it comes to choosing your make-up look for your wedding day, it can be overwhelming on what to go for. You will most likely want to look the most perfect version of yourself, and not someone else, but just how do you achieve the perfect natural wedding day make-up?

Kirsten Sare is a qualified and professional make-up artist based in Dorset. She shares her wisdom with Wedding Fix having made-up hundreds of brides across the country for their special day.

“I’m a makeup artist who’s style has always instinctively been towards ‘natural bridal makeup’ .  I find that lots of brides prefer this style and I hear time and again that they still want to look like themselves and someone who their family and friends still recognise, and I couldn’t agree more!

But what is ‘natural’ Make-up? 

Natural does not necessarily mean less makeup, and equally you certainly don’t need more makeup for the purposes of the camera – it is more of a clever application and use of products.  

Think about colours, what colours you like, that compliment your skin tone.  You can still use brighter tones, natural does not also mean dull! 

How should you prep your skin for your wedding day?

I always say that moisturising the skin is the first most important step, hydrated skin means any makeup put on it will inevitably sit and behave much better and that would be the first thing I would ask brides to consider to add to their routine.

Do I need to have a make-up trial ahead of my wedding day

Natural bridal makeup will mean something different to everyone, for some it is barely there, some it is a more polished look and for some it might be a different direction to than what they would normally wear.  This is why it is important to meet and have a trial with your makeup artist so you are both on the same page and can try different styles out.  

It is your day and how you look will undoubtedly reflect in how you feel, so it has to be right – and remember you can always be subtle in the day and change it up again for your night time!”

Kirsten has a wealth of experience in bridal and commercial make-up so if you’re looking for the perfect wedding day make-up, you will be in the best hands.

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