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Hi, I’m Emily ‘Emmy’, I’m the one with the crazy red hair and a camera.

I created Lotus Photography because, not only do I love photography, but I really wanted to get people celebrating and loving their unique self. My aim is to create a wedding album full of love, mischief, giggles, and a few happy tears, that makes people say “WOW that’s so them!”.

Officially you’d call me a “documentary-style photographer with a passion for bright colours”. I prefer being called a photographer that captures the day, those moments that you’d never expect (seriously, I once photographed the Bride’s cousin doing tequila shots off Grandad’s head!), preserving those memories in an authentic and fun way, oh, and with all the colour of the rainbow!

Because I want people to be true to themselves, not only does this appear in my photos, but even in my photo packages, with the option to customise your wedding photography package to fit exactly what YOU need.

“So what are you like?” I hear you ask. You know that person who never sits still? I’m even faster…most likely fuelled by too much coffee.

Random Facts about me:

  • I jumped the Worthing Birdman in 2013.
  • Although I roller skate, I am horrendous at ice skating.
  • My friends laugh because I always find myself in crazy situations, and have some truly insane stories.
  • I’m most likely to be the first on the dance floor.
  • It goes; Michael Keaton, Lego, Awkward Yeti’s Heart, Adam West, Christian Bale, Ben Affleck, George Clooney………………………………………………………. then Val Kilmer, we’ll see where Robert Pattison ends up.
  • Yep, I love my coffee.

If you would like to chat with me about weddings, coffee, or Batman, just drop me an email.

Until then, remember to always #ShowYourUniqueStyle

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  • Kate

    I have worked with Emily multiple times, other than totally talented, she is one of the kindest humans on the planet. Such a beautiful heart.

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