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When it comes to choosing your wedding photographer for your wedding day, it can be quite overwhelming knowing where to begin. We chat with featured Wedding Fix Directory suppliers Sammie and Luke of Agrestal Visuals about their wedding photography and videography style.

When and why did you decide to set up Agrestal Visuals?

“We started Agrestal Visuals in early 2020 which is when we decided to really steer our business into capturing weddings, elopements and couples. The idea has always been there but it was at this time we really felt a bigger pull and looked into the possibilities of what we could offer and we didn’t have to stick to the ‘traditional’ style we could put ourselves into the work and really relate and be untraditional with what we love to do, which is capturing telling stories through visuals.

What was your inspiration behind your photography/videography?

Our biggest inspiration was at our own wedding. Before that it never really crossed our minds but getting married ourselves and seeing what was available really opened our eyes into what  we could be doing and what joy being a part of such a special day can mean to the couple. Since then we have enjoyed being in the industry and feel so privileged to be apart of so many amazing love stories.

What’s your style of photography/videography?

Our style of capturing weddings and elopements is very much documentary. We aim to capture all the events of the day as they unfold and really show the emotions and intimate moments of the day. Our editing style is what really sets us apart from most traditional style wedding photographers, as we offer a more saturated edit with a cinematic vintage element that we have worked very hard over the years creating and we feel best resembles us and the couples that we get to work with.

Take us on the brand journey

Well it all started while having some wine… we knew we wanted to bring more of our personality and style into the business with the new direction of capturing love stories. Luke actually started googling lots of things that either resonated with us, our vision and with things that we love and Agrestal popped up, which means growing wild in cultivated fields. Well we certainly have a wild side and we work with wildly in love couples so this felt rather fitting. We also visually think of ourselves as untraditional wedding photographers and people who stand out the crowd which also works with the meaning. So after very little discussion we had chosen the name and we personally love it and can’t think of anything that better suits what we do and who we are! Our branding elements like our logo and other illustrations again was very easy, we got in touch with an amazing brand illustrator we have been following for years and got our illustrations created after a few discussions about us and what the business meant to us and he captured it beautifully! 

Who is your ideal couple?

This is always a difficult question as every couple is always so different and that’s what we love about the people we get to meet and what we do, but if you love to have fun, are creative, have a love for adventures, maybe a little untraditional and wildly in love then we would love to chat with you!

What budget should you set for your wedding day photography/videography?

This is also a difficult question as we understand everyone has a different budget, expectations and situations but we would strongly advise to be open and flexible. You want to be able to fully trust your suppliers and get the results that you want. Ultimately your decision is priceless, these are your memories that you will treasure for your lifetime and generations, therefore its an investment so be flexible with what you’re willing to pay for those memories. Most suppliers will give you options on payment plans to help with the process and ultimately you want to have the best suppliers that you have a connection with and that you trust!  

Where’s your favourite location to shoot?

There are so many amazing venues and locations and many still on our bucket list! We are obsessed with the Lake District as that is where we got engaged and would love more weddings there but more locally we love such as Larma Tree, St Giles House, 10 Castle Street and Bower Chalke Barn which are some of our most local and beautiful venues. We also love more adventure weddings that are in the forest. We love the whimsical and more intimate aspect of most forest weddings but we also love how grand the manor house style venues offer. 

What options do you offer for wedding photography/videography? 

We offer a variety of different packages and options to suit different styles of weddings which have a variety of coverage from our small package of 4 hours which is ideal for a smaller intimate weddings or elopements, to our ROCK & ROLL package that covers a full day, up to 10 hours. We also have additional hours that you can add to accommodate your plans, which is ideal for those late night sparkler and firework shots!

Currently all our packages include two photographers, which means more coverage, different angles and more memories captured. We also include a personalised online gallery where you can download and share with friends and family with every package. Our highlight film is one of the latest editions to the business and is a lovely way that really showcases your day in video format, there is nothing quite like moving pictures!

Something we are also very passionate about is prints and our presentation boxes that we offer within some of our packages or as optional extras. As mentioned we really believe that your photography is an investment and is something that you will treasure for generations and something that has always been sentimental is prints, therefore we feel that you should share and print your memories. There is nothing quite like the tactile feeling of going through lots of prints and reliving those memories with loved ones! 

What are the advantages to being a husband and wife business? 

We find a lot of advantages of being a husband and wife team, we find that we can relate to our couples better and it means we both understand each other’s visions and creative styles. Some of the other benefits is that with having two photographers we can be in two places at once, more coverage which means more photographs and you have two cheerleaders for the day! We also find this gives us more opportunity to be creative and offer more variety to our couples.

Where can we find Agrestal Visuals?

You can find us on Instagram and Facebook: @agrestalvisuals or visit our website www.agrestalvisuals.co.uk where you can find all of our package information and some fun facts about us!”

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