Owner of Pegasus Disco, an eclectic array of waistcoats and the best music, Mark chats with Wedding Fix

Pegasus Disco was born out of working for a Multi DJ company in Christchurch that I was subsequently made redundant from in 1997, I actually started out under a different name back in 1990 but wasn’t really focused on just one type of event.

There didn’t seem demand for Wedding DJ’s back then; we all just did whatever work came our way. I didn’t really notice any difference until around 1996 when Wedding Fairs started popping up locally.

I’m often asked, “what’s my favourite song of all time?”  which is quite simple to answer. When you look through old photographs it evokes a memory and, well music has the same effect but also your mood can be affected. So the simple answer is ‘no’ I don’t have a specific favourite as it changes depending on my mood and what I am doing at the time.

My ideal couple are people who like me and what I offer as a DJ / Host and are open to different ideas to keep themselves and their guests entertained.

My favourite wedding venues would be one with easy access (no stairs, ha ha!) I’ve worked in quite a few now over the last 30 years and they all offer something different but would have to say Kingston Maurward or Gorwell Barn would have to be close to the top.

Another question I’m asked a lot is “how much budget should I allocate to my wedding entertainment?” I always say, whatever you can afford – the importance of good entertainment can sometimes be overlooked, but think about the weddings you have been to as guests. Chances are you remember the entertainment (good or bad) more than anything else.

I offer an array of options for weddings. It can start with just the evening disco right through to the most popular option of the All-day service; providing the music for the ceremony and keeping everyone entertained during the drinks reception and wedding breakfast with music and personalised quizzes, Rock ‘n’ Roll Bingo and not forgetting the Selfie Wizard!

My top tips to any couple looking at booking their wedding entertainment would be: Get to know your DJ before booking, sit down with them and have a chat over a coffee (or cake or both) and don’t just talk about your wedding find out what are they like as a person, after all your wedding is a big day for you and you want to be surrounded by people you like and get on with, (this should go for all of your suppliers).

Talk about what music you like if it is a bit different are they familiar with it, also just as important is what you DON’T like! Have they worked at your venue before? If yes do they have any photos they can see, if not, will they visit it (I always will).”

Where can we find Pegasus Disco? In/on Wedding Fix (ha ha) and:




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